People often have questions before scheduling a hypnosis session. We have answered some frequently asked questions for you here:

How do I set up an appointment? 
Email us at  [email protected] or call 414-207-9190. Office hours are flexible and include some evening and weekend appointments.

How long do the sessions last?
Allow about 1 1/2 hours for the first session, and about 1 hour for additional sessions.

How much do sessions cost and what are your payment options?
The fee is $140.00 per session. Group session rates are based on location and number of people. Please call for more information. You may pay for your session(s) with cash or a personal check. All of your sessions include a free audio CD recording to be used for reinforcement at home.
How many sessions will I need?
The techniques and methods we use at A Better Life Hypnosis Center are very targeted, and therefore this is not long term therapy. Most people only need about 3 or 4 sessions for a specific issue. We recommend you plan on at least 2 sessions, particularly if you have not been hypnotized in the past. Sessions are typically scheduled 3 to 10 days apart. Free CD recordings of your sessions are included for reinforcement at home. As a general rule the ethical aim is to keep the number of visits to a necessary minimum. Some people like the process so much they choose to continue and work on other things, or simply use regular hypnosis sessions as an ongoing health and wellness program.

Will my insurance cover visits?
Some health insurance plans do cover some sessions especially smoking cessation. Sessions may also be covered by your flexible spending account. A receipt will be provided if needed. Your Hypnosis Stop Smoking Program is also an approved medical expense with the Federal government. The IRS will let you write off your stop smoking program as an approved medical expense deduction on your Federal income taxes! We do not bill insurance companies. Payment is expected at the time of your hypnosis session. Our office is happy to provide a receipt that can be submitted with a claim to your insurance company.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?
You are welcome to bring someone with you, but please keep in mind that observers are not allowed because of possible distractions. There is a comfortable waiting area at the office with reading materials as well as plenty of restaurants and shops nearby. Wireless internet is also available if needed-just ask for the password.

What will I experience during my first visit?
Initial consultation and intake. Your hypnosis session will be an extremely pleasant experience which consists of three distinct parts. First, I will explain what hypnosis is, how it works, and what you will experience. Second I will discuss your goals or issue, and advise a program which will most rapidly assist you in achieving your desired goals and results. Any questions you may have will be answered as well. Third, once you are absolutely comfortable, then the actual hypnosis session will begin. You will be guided into a very deep state of physical and mental relaxation. You will feel very relaxed, yet remain alert mentally. You will be aware of everything going on around you. Suggestions for the change you desire will then be given to your powerful subconscious mind. These suggestions will enter your subconscious and become a part of you. The old programming, which was keeping you from achieving your goals or which was causing a problem is removed, allowing you to accomplish goals. Most clients describe hypnosis as an enjoyable experience, and leave their sessions feeling much better than when they arrived. Most people find it inspiring, emotionally fulfilling, and transforming and feel better than they have in a very long time.

Cancellation & rescheduling policy:
If you are unable to keep our appointed time I ask that you kindly give us at least 24 hours notice to either cancel or reschedule.
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