Fear is only a thought. These thoughts can create physical and/or emotional symptoms and increase anxiety. Some of the symptoms of fears and phobias can be: rapid heart beat, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, gasping for air, turning red, unable to move, shaking uncontrollably, unable to think, and avoidance of places where the anxiety fear response has occurred. Many people have a phobia. Some peoples fears originated somewhere in their childhood and tend to get worse over time. Fears and phobias can ultimately stop you from enjoying your life. 

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fear. First, you will be led by your hypnotist into a state of relaxation where you will experience a very calm and comforting state. This state will be anchored so that you can return to it whenever you may need to such as in the presence of a fear. Anchoring means that you will be given a way to help you return to this state such as a physical action like pressing the thumb and finger together or a certain phrase you can repeat.

The hypnotist will then very slowly introduce the feared object or situation, usually through recall of or regression to the feared stimuli. While you are in the relaxed state, the hypnotist will give the suggestion that you cannot be both in a fearful state and a relaxed state at the same time and you will stay calm and relaxed when confronted with the feared object or situation. Reframing will also usually be done where you are led to experience the cause of the phobia in a different manner with a different outcome.

The length of sessions needed will vary depending on the severity of the fear and other factors with each individual person, but in usually 3-4 sessions the fear is reduced stopped so that it no longer affects the quality of your life. Hypnosis can help you change your thoughts and thus manage your fear. 

Agoraphobia is the fear of going out. Hypnotherapy can help with the fear symptoms. If you can visualize going out in your mind, then you can physically accomplish it.

Driving produces some anxiety or stress in everyone. When it becomes a problem where it limits where you can travel, hypnosis can get you “back on the road” safely and securely.

Flying especially after 911, has become stressful for a lot of people. You can reclaim your comfort level in the air with a few sessions of hypnosis.

Public speaking is anxiety producing even for those who are good at it! The cause is insecurity, making projections of what other people think, and embarrassment. In just a few sessions you can be confident and more comfortable in front of a few people or a large group.
  • Fear of Rats and Mice 
  • Fear of Snakes 
  • Fear of Bugs or Spiders 
  • Fear of Thunderstorms 
  • Fear of Flying 
  • Fear of Vomiting 
  • Fear of Water
  • Agoraphobia 
  • Claustrophobia 
  • Fear of Bees or Wasps 
  • Fear of Birds 
  • Fear of Blood 
  • Fear of Dental Treatment 
  • Fear of Doctors  
  • Fear of Dogs 
  • Fear of Driving  
  • Fear of Needles
  • Fear of Injections 
  • Fear of MRI Scan 
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Fear of Heights or Bridges
*Individual results may vary. 
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